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More Options for Your Molding Needs

Eakas offers a variety of molding processes, including gas-assist molding and fully automated insert molding. Our machines provide clamping pressures from 40 tons to 4, 000 tons and shot size or part weight can range from 1 ounce to 40 pounds. Eakas is the single source for your molding needs – meeting your exact specifications.

Our presses are designed for quick changeover and are fitted with robotic loading and unloading equipment to ensure a precise cycle each and every time. Each press is equipped with quality-control features that ensure consistency throughout the process, even for the most demanding
resins and complex parts.

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Gas-Assist Molding

Eakas’ gas-assist molding process produces parts that are both stronger and lighter while using less material. Special ultrasonic gauging eliminates the need for destructive testing and ensures process stability while analyzing the migration of gas. Ultimately, gas-assist molding provides a high-quality part and a cost savings to our customers.

fully automated insert molding