Eakas Peru building front


The parent company for Eakas Corporation is Sakae Riken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Sakae Riken is a Japanese owned company that produces a wide variety of products ranging from interior and exterior trim for automobiles, parts for household electrical appliances, and equipment and jigs for manufacturing. Sakae Riken has been in business for more than 45 years and has built seven plants in Japan. Sakae Riken operates on the principle of coordinating the various sections of its company: R&D, designing, production, quality control, sales, and delivery and places major emphasis on the pursuit of research and development in order to develop new methods to create new and innovative products.



International Headquarters:
Sakae Riken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Certified
Miyamae 1-48, Nishibiwajima-cho,
Kiyosu-shi, Aichi Pref. 452-8501
Phone: +81-52-501-8231
Fax: +81-52-503-0125
ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Certified
81 Aza-Ujimichi, Tsubaichi-cho
Tsushima City, Aichi Pref. 496-0021, Japan
Phone: +81-567-24-2221
Fax: +81-567-25-7185

The Plastic Molding Section was separated in 1976 and started as a large-scale pure metal chromium sputtering plant, the first mass production facility of its kind in Japan. At present, the plant features an integrated system from painting to assembly of products made by injection molders and extrusion molders.

ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Certified
Okura 2093, Bisei-cho,
Ibara-shi, Okayama Pref. 714-1411, Japan
Phone: +81-866-87-3388
Fax: +81-866-87-2112

This plant was inaugurated in 1990 in Bisei, Okayama, as our fourth plant in Japan. Our integrated production system provides molding, painting and assembly to closely meet the needs of customers and the local community.

Oguchi Plant

ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Certified
Akita 4-41, Oguchi-cho,
Niwa-gun, Aichi Pref. 480-0132 Japan
Phone: +81-587-95-8231
Fax: +81-587-95-8565

This plant was established in Oguchi Cho in 1998 as our fifth domestic factory. The factory molds and paints big exterior parts like bumpers and produces interior parts such as instrument panels and door trims by making full use of laminating molding and gas injection molding.

Sobue Plant

Takakuma 221-2, Sobue, Sobue-cho
Inazawa-shi, Aichi Pref. 495-0001 Japan
Phone: +81-587-97-0890
Fax: +81-587-97-0890

The Sobue Plant opened in 1948 as an exclusive metal plating plant and it has been continually improved. It began to be used for die-casting work in 1964 and a plastic injection molding area was added in 1968, paving the way for today's comprehensive integrated production system.

Technical Center

ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Certified
Miyamae 1-48, Nishibiwajima-cho
Kiyosu-shi, Pref. 452-8501, Japan
Phone: +81-52-501-8433
Fax: +81-52-501-8310

This center was established in 1998. In accordance with its motto "Sensibility creates high added value", this center engages itself in the design of outer and inner trims of automobiles and elaborate development by making full use of diverse equipment for analysis, measurement or simulation.

The R & D Division and Design Division cooperate with each other leading to systematic development of new technology, new products and new functional products.

Inazawa Plant

1 Yamazaki-shioya, Sobue-cho
Inazawa, Aichi Pref. 495-0002, Japan
Phone: +81-587-98-2888
Fax: +81-587-98-2882

This plant was established in 2006 in Inazawa. The factory integrated production line of molding, plating and assembly with the resin plating as Sakae Riken’s Core Technology.

Kita Kyushu Plant

10-1 Sonekita-cho, Kokura Minami-ku,
Kita Kyushu city, Fukuoka Pref. 800-0229 , Japan
FAX +81-93-474-3887

This plant started operation from June 2010 as our main production facility in western Japan area. This factory enabled to provide highest quality products by our most efficient and integrated molding, plating, painting and assembly production system with each latest equipment introduction.