Eakas Arkansas Corporation

2000 South Falls Blvd., PO Box 8
Wynne, AR 72396
Phone: (870) 238-2603 Fax: (870) 238-2621

The Wynne facility – Eakas Arkansas Corporation – is Sakae Riken Kogyo’s second North American plant, joining Eakas Corporation, a sister facility in Peru, IL.

  • Established: March 2005
  • Paid-in capital: $3 million
  • Authorized capital: $10 million
  • Product line: Plastic painted and decorated automotive trim
  • Operation: The company produces decorative, functional, interior and exterior trim for the automotive industry
  • Operation began: March 2006
  • Land: 40 acres
  • Building: 91,000 sq. ft.

Eakas Arkansas Corporation

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Eakas Arkansas Corporation

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